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Getting started with Dover Interviewer
Getting started with Dover Interviewer

Delegate initial phone screens to our team of experts who've conducted over 27,000 interviews for both technical and go-to-market positions.

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Dover orchestrates thousands of interview processes each month, giving us insight into hiring at its various stages. One of the most critical stages of the hiring funnel is the initial phone screen which, if done successfully, sets a positive tone and pace for the candidate’s experience. Successfully executing this stage requires getting the most qualified candidates in the door, scheduling them quickly, and speaking to them while there's sufficient mutual interest.

Given the influx of candidates at this point in the funnel, handling the volume of initial screening calls can overwhelm even the best hiring managers and recruiters leading them to pause their efforts. Pauses lead to increased time to hire, cost per hire, and unhealthy candidate pipelines.

❓ Why use Dover Interviewer?

Dover Interviewer employs interview specialists who are dedicated to running high-quality initial phone screens. Cumulatively, they have conducted thousands of phone screens spanning different types of roles.

  1. Triage: When your team is hiring, especially across multiple roles, you’ll likely have bandwidth constraints for initial phone screens, which can slow hiring down across the board and cause you to miss good candidates. Dover Interviewer allows you to implement a layer of triage before candidates advance to subsequent rounds thus removing your bandwidth constraints for initial phone screens and increasing the effectiveness of subsequent rounds.

  2. Give you time back: By spending less time on initial phone screens, you’ll have more time to iterate on the strategic components of the job search parameters, outreach, and later stages of the process. In addition to decreasing the amount of time you need to spend conducting initial calls, when you use Dover Interviewers, Dover can help you with scheduling and communicating with candidates.

  3. Screening: Ensure you talk to all of the candidates you're confident about and don't advance those who aren't a great fit right now.

  4. Candidate experience: Maintain a consistent and enjoyable candidate experience.

  5. Interviewing framework: Have access to a rigorous interviewing framework and rubric and thorough detailed notes for each call. All approvals or rejections will be based on consistent questions and talking points.

⚙️ How it works

  1. Create a company & job Pitch

  2. Create Screener Questions for your role.

  3. Approve 👍 candidates and select Dover Interviewer as the interviewer

  4. After the call, review interview notes

How to activate Dover Interviewer:

📲 If you have not already signed up for Dover Interviewer, please book a call with a member of our sales team.

  1. Go to the Dover App and click on your job

  2. On the Overview page under Dover Interviewer, click Get started

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  3. Complete your Pitch and Screener Questions and any additional setup items, and Dover Interviewers will be ready to take your first round screens

Dover Dedicated Interviewers

Dover Dedicated Interviewers works with your company to optimize the hiring manager and candidate experience with a personalized and high-touch approach. If you choose to use a Dedicated Interviewer, they will be the only interviewer(s) conducting calls for your roles and you can meet with them directly.

Who are Dover's Dedicated Interviewers?

  • Dover Interviewers are a team of experienced interview specialists who are dedicated to running high-quality first-round screens. These Dover interview specialists have each conducted hundreds of phone screens spanning all departments (engineering, bizops, marketing, growth, etc.) for multiple high-growth companies.

  • Dover's Dedicated Interviewers are the most experienced and tenured Dover Interview Specialists. Each Dedicated Interviewer is trained to support your company and roles specifically. They can manage even the most intricate candidate conversations across various types of roles and seniorities. These interviewers will partner closely with you to understand your company's pitch and provide a stellar candidate and hiring manager experience.

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