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Tips to make your personal brand more searchable, trustworthy, and approachable to prospective candidates

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Your personal brand can have a powerful impact on hiring. Following these simple tips will make you more searchable, more trustworthy, and more approachable to prospective candidates. Encourage your employees to follow this guide doc as well!

LinkedIn Profile

Time to complete: 15 minutes

Tip #1 — Update your title

Include "We're Hiring" next to company name

"Need help with hiring? DM me" "We're hiring — DM me"

Tip #2 — Expand on your "About" section

Something is better than nothing! You can keep it simple or make it long. The important thing here is that it represents you.

Tip #3 — Add web links to the "Featured" section

Some ideas for what to add:

  1. Recent press

  2. Blog posts

  3. Your website

  4. Your careers page

This is what it looks like:

Tip #4 — Add to your "Experience" section:

Include a description of what your company does underneath the logo on your profile.

You can also add press, blogs, and photos as media links. When editing your Experience, click "Link". Copy in the URLs to create 'cards' as you see below.


LinkedIn — Engagement

If you want to get more engagement on your LinkedIn posts:

  • Make a habit of going on LinkedIn once a day. Check + reply to messages, connect with customers, "like" and comment on customer/candidate posts

  • Make a habit of posting content:

    1. Post why you joined your company

    2. Share company updates

    3. Share out articles

  • Support the posts of others in the company and ask for others in the company to boost your posts


Time to complete: 5 minutes

Twitter Bio

3 components: Banner photo, profile pic, 160 character bio

  • Banner photo: Use that real estate to describe why people should follow you OR put a fun picture

  • Profile picture: Use a clear headshot, doesn't have to be as professional as LinkedIn

  • Short bio:

    • Describe why people should follow you — be authentic! Your bio should give people a preview of what you Tweet about

    • Tag your company twitter handle and add a note like "We're hiring!"

    • Tag your former employers, university, or other affiliations

    • Link to your LinkedIn, company website, or another personal website/portfolio


If you're tweeting in a business context, consistency, clarity, and conciseness win. You should follow @david_perell to learn more about effective business writing.

Personal website

Tip #1 — Use Notion to publish a simple website without code

It's easy to make a personal website by just publishing a notion page:

What to include?

What goes on a personal website? Here are some ideas:

  • A short bio

  • Your photos

  • Your resume

  • Professional and personal interests

  • Important links (social media, your company website, etc)

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