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How to recruit across inbound channels to bring qualified & interested candidates into your funnel

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Dover's Application Review filters and aggregates inbound applicants from a variety of job boards (our product allows you to choose from over 60 sources). Suitable applicants who match your criteria will be surfaced in Dover’s app and in Slack to save you time screening applications.

💡 Did you know: Over 75% of job seekers start their search on Google and, according to Dover's data, 40% of hires made by Dover's customers come from inbound channels..

Dover recommends the following best practices to optimize sourcing from job boards:

  • Set up jobs on at least 2 job boards such as Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent) and LinkedIn. If the selected boards aren’t generating sufficient candidate volume for you within 30 days, Dover recommends adjusting your inbound spend or exploring other job boards that may generate better results. Typically, LinkedIn’s Job board is suitable for most job personas and industries. To learn more about job boards, click Learn more in the Job Boards.

  • Keep your job title consistent with industry norms, as it makes it easier for your ideal candidate to find your job posting

  • Remove any Gender Bias from your Job Descriptions and Postings using a Gender Decoder

  • Inbound channels are also a great forum for nascent employer brands share their company’s mission and culture with potential candidates as their website or careers page may not generate sufficient traffic. Dover can even help write employer branding content for you.

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