No problem! We can seamlessly update all Dover email accounts, job posts, and internal and candidate-facing communications to match your new and updated name.

Updating outreach, job posts, and email accounts

  1. Contact Support or your Customer Experience Partner to let them know about the domain change.

  2. Dover will help update information in outreach, such as links or company name. You may include a brief note highlighting this change if you like!

  3. Dover will update the information in any job posts managed by Dover.

  4. Our team will handle everything related to updating email accounts

    1. Our Support Team will update your domain name and each email account associated with your domain.

    2. We will use the updated email accounts to respond to email threads sent out from the former domain so that candidate correspondence does not fall through the cracks. This transition should look seamless from the candidate’s perspective.

Updating interviewers

  1. Ask everyone on your team to log into the Dover app using their new company email accounts if they have changed.

  2. Interviewers must complete their interview settings and check off all permissions to connect their calendar in the Dover App.

  3. Check the Interview Plan for each job to confirm that the correct email accounts are listed for each interviewer

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