✨ You can build a personalized careers page using Dover! We will send you a link which you can embed on your company website, and you can start tracking applicants! ✨

Create a Careers Page in 3 easy Steps:

1️⃣ Click on the Menu and select Company Setup

2️⃣ Under Company Information, click Careers Page

3️⃣ Add a team photo, logo link, and company information, and click Publish

You can view your Careers Page, by clicking View Careers Page

Add jobs to your Careers Page

To enable inbound applications and make them visible on your Careers Page, please complete the following steps if you haven’t yet done so.

1️⃣ Under the Overview in your job’s ⚙️ Settings, click Set Up under Job Board Manager

2️⃣ On this page, under Careers Page, you’ll see the option for the Dover Careers Page. Click Enable. Click Add Source in the modal to confirm you’d like the job added to your Dover Careers Page.

🥳 Once enabled, your job will be listed on your Dover Careers Page! To view any inbound applicants, be sure to also enable Applicant Review - click here to learn more.

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