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With Dover Referrals, you can leverage your and your team's first degree connections who would be a good fit for your roles on Dover. By default, Dover will not reach out to your connections. If you would like, you can configure Dover to send referral candidates personalized outreach

How to Add Referral Candidates:

1️⃣ Upload your LinkedIn connections to Dover Referrals here: https://app.dover.io/referrals/upload-connections

2️⃣ Invite your teammates to upload their connections, using the template below:

Hi team,

We've been using Dover for some time now to help us manage and automate much of our recruiting process and now, we're going to try using them to handle referrals as well.

Below is a link to upload information about who you're connected to on LinkedIn. Dover will use this info to surface connections that might be good fits for our open roles.

Once Dover surfaces potential good fits, we'll work with you individually to determine if they really are good fits and how to best reach out to them.


3️⃣ Review your team's connections that match your job search criteria under the Needs Review tab of your Referrals App

4️⃣ Request Dover to host a Referrals Party for you and your team — we'll help reach out to your team to:

  • upload their connections

  • set up some time to review the candidates together and

  • Dover will send the teammate who contacts the most candidates a prize 🙂

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