✨ You can proactively reschedule an interview

in the Dover App or on your Google Calendar! ✨

🤖 Rescheduling in the Dover App

1️⃣ Go to the candidate's detail view in the Pipeline and select 📆 Reschedule, or in Slack, click the ... menu and select Reschedule Interview

2️⃣ You can customize the email Dover will send to the candidate. ⚠️ Do not remove the {{scheduling_link}} variable. ⚠️ When you're ready, select Preview Email

3️⃣ Select Reschedule and Send Email. Once sent, the originally scheduled interview will be canceled on your calendar. Once the candidate books a new time, it will appear on your calendar.

📆 Rescheduling from your Google Calendar

1️⃣ Find the event on your Google Calendar and click on it. You will see two rescheduling links - one for you, and one for the candidate.

Click on your link to get started. You'll be redirected to Dover where you can then follow Steps 2️⃣ & 3️⃣ above.


❓ I want to reschedule, but I'm not seeing the 📆 Reschedule button!

💡 Our rescheduling feature only works for interviews with a single interviewer. For panel interviews, please reach out to the Dover Support Team in Slack to reschedule the interview.

❓ I need to reschedule an interview after it was supposed to take place

1️⃣ In Slack or the Dover App, click on the overflow menu (...) next to the Advance/Reject buttons, then select Dover should reschedule.

2️⃣ You'll see a confirmation that Dover will reach out to reschedule the interview. To include a custom message with the rescheduling email, please leave a reply in the candidate's Slack thread.

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