✨ Dover is an end to end recruiting platform that empowers you and your team to make hires as quickly and efficiently as possible. Fill your top of funnel and provide a best-in-class candidate experience using Dover. Dover offers sourcing tools, outreach, scheduling, and can even handle initial calls so you can focus on the fun part: having great conversations with amazing people. Dover allows you to build and maintain a flexible and efficient recruiting engine. ✨

Platform Features

  • Source candidates directly from Linkedin into existing jobs on Dover using our Chrome sourcing extension.

  • Promote and advertise your jobs across the most popular job boards through Dover.

  • Review all of your inbound candidates at one time in the Dover App on Dover's Inbound Application Review Page!

  • Generate a custom job description based on the role & type of candidates you’re looking to hire using Dover's Job Description Writer.

  • Upload your connections directly into the app and automatically find candidates who are a good match for any of the roles you’re hiring for. Flag candidates you don’t want Dover to contact.

  • Track candidates from various channels throughout their entire interview process in your Dover pipeline.

  • Build a personalized careers page using Dover.

🛣️ Hiring Plan

  • Create a custom hiring plan based on your team's needs and growth trajectory.

Premium Features

🎯 Sourcing

  • After 5 minutes of calibration and setup, Dover identifies and reaches out to 100+ candidate matches each week with personalized messages that look like they're coming from you. Our algorithm adjusts based on whom you advance and whom you reject, zeroing in on your perfect candidate the more you use the app.

  • Put your sourcing on Autopilot, and Dover will automatically send outreach to candidates.

  • Dover can schedule all parts of your interview process, saving your team the logistical nightmare of calendar Tetris.

  • Our team of expert screeners uses your rubrics and customized company pitch to get candidates excited about your job. After the interview, you can review detailed notes in our app and choose whom to move forward. Never struggle to make time for phone screens again, and take the load off your internal team.

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