✨ When advancing a candidate from the Candidate Detail View in the Dover App, you can now skip steps in the Interview Plan.✨

How to Skip Interview Stages for a Candidate:

🦘 Skip Interview Stages

πŸ’‘ This option is only available after the initial call. If you're trying to bypass a Dover Interview and interview the candidate yourself, keep in mind that you can change the interviewer before advancing them to the initial call!

1️⃣ Select Customize next steps from the dropdown menu

If you're taking action after a Dover Interview has been conducted, this menu is found under ... More at the bottom of the Interview Notes:

2️⃣ Select the interview stage you'd like to advance them to from the dropdown

✏️ Change interviewers, interview durations and interview details

ℹ️ Once an interview stage is selected, interview details will populate below.

3️⃣ (optional) Depending on the type of interview (single-segment interview or onsite), you can make changes to the:

πŸŸ₯ Interview segment order - for interviews with multiple segments, you can reorder them with the handles and use the dropdown menu to indicate if the segments need to go in a specific order

🟧 Interview name - if needed, the interview can be renamed here

🟩 Duration - adjust the duration for each stage using the dropdown menu

🟦 Interviewers - you can add or remove interviewers for each stage. You can use the checkbox to tell Dover if all interviewers are required for this stage. Otherwise, Dover will alternate interviewers and schedule based on the interviewer and candidate's joint availability

πŸŸͺ + Add Interview - use this option to create an additional interview segment. Use the πŸ—‘οΈ to delete a segment

πŸ’‘ Please be sure all interviewers have completed their Interview Preferences in Dover. Learn more here!

πŸ“ Modify scheduling email

4️⃣ You can edit the scheduling email that will be sent to the candidate. Click Preview Email once you're finished.

πŸ’‘ You cannot edit the email sender because in most cases, we are engaged in conversations with the candidate using that email account. Please compose your response accordingly.

βœ‰οΈ Send Candidate Email

5️⃣ You will then see a preview of the email that will be sent. You can use the dropdown to change when the email will be sent, then click Approve and Send Email.

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