After a quick calibration and setup process, Dover can start to identify and contact up to 200 candidates a week. Dover finds candidates by analyzing millions of LinkedIn profiles to ensure each candidate matches your criteria. The app will provide you with an outreach template for each job that you can tweak to align with your voice. Our algorithm adjusts based on whom you advance or reject to narrow in on your ideal candidate the more you use Dover.

Candidates who respond to the outreach as interested in the role will be surfaced to you directly in Slack and the Dover App for your review. You can then approve or reject the candidate, and Dover will handle the appropriate next steps communications with candidates on your behalf.

Dover identifies candidates by analyzing online profiles across a number of sources including LinkedIn, finds contact info about them, creates a personalized multi-touch outreach campaign for them, and schedules them for a first call.

🎯 Sourcing Configurations

You can control how many candidates you want our Sourcing product to contact on your behalf. Use this guide to help you to understand the options available to you and the best way to optimize your searches.

📈 Outreach Volume

Dover lets you customize the target number of candidates to contact per week, which will impact the number of interested candidates you can review for each role.

While configuring Sourcing, you will see 3 different options:

  • Passive - Meant for more opportunistic hiring needs

  • Standard - Our recommended offering, meant for a steady stream of candidates

  • Boosted - Meant for hiring on a short timeline. Please note that there may be a large volume of candidates to handle here

💡 Only candidates who are interested and whom you approve for an initial interview are actually scheduled for a first call.

👥 How many candidates can I expect from each option?

These options highlight expected candidate volume based off of benchmark median job performance. This data is tied directly to the type of role you are hiring for so you can intelligently forecast your top of funnel.

The actual performance of each job will be different, it will be based on how your company and outreach copy appeal to the market. These benchmark numbers are just provided as guidance.

❓Why is the Boosted option not available to me sometimes?

The Boosted option will not be available to you in two cases:

1️⃣ First 14 days of the job being kicked off: Early on in the campaign, Dover does not know how well your company’s messaging and brand will be received by candidates. Dover does not recommend the Boosted option yet, because we do not want to accelerate a potentially poor-performing campaign. If you notice your campaign is not attracting candidates, we would recommend editing it (always available) before switching outreach to Boosted.

2️⃣ When interest rates are low (less than 2.5%): If your job’s interest rates are below 2.5%, we will automatically move your outreach to Boosted to reach more candidates.

❓When I select an option, why does the confirmation modal say the option will take into effect next week?

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Any changes you make to the number of candidates you want to contact will take into effect starting Monday of the following week — our email-sending algorithm recalculates targets on a weekly basis


Dover does not guarantee contacting the exact number of people we mention in the configurations. However, we hit that number a vast majority of the time and are continuing to decrease the number of cases where we do not hit this number.

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