What is Dover?
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Wait, what is Dover?

Dover is the first platform built to streamline, integrate, and scale every step of the hiring process.

Dover is a recruiting orchestration platform that supports most candidate sources and helps manage candidates through the recruiting process, offering more advanced automation than any other system out there. Dover’s platform infuses operational rigor and smart automation into every step of the recruiting process. This allows you to spend less time on tedious manual work and more time on what you do best — pitching and closing candidates.

Unlike most hiring stacks that have you switching between dozens of tools, Dover is a single platform that integrates with your daily tools—Slack, Gmail, Google Calendar, ATS—making recruiting more seamless than ever before. Once candidates enter the interview process, Dover’s end-to-end scheduling helps ensure candidates don’t get delayed or dropped, and keeps hiring managers and recruiters accountable for recruiting tasks.

Dover’s platform is flexible to adapt to your hiring process—you can choose what you want to handle directly and what you want to delegate to Dover, so you always have the perfect balance of support and control. At every step in the recruiting process, Dover allows you to take control (for more customization) or delegate to Dover (for more automation). Companies that use Dover quickly see a faster time-to-hire, a larger and more diverse candidate pipeline, and a consistently stellar candidate experience.

Dover can help you:

  • Speed up your work - Our Dover Platform has tools to speed up or automate the recruiting process.

  • Find more candidates - Dover’s Managed Outbound capability software finds ways to tap into all possible candidate pools for your roles. Our automation allows you to get your job opening in front of more top candidates than any other system out there, period.

  • Manage your pipeline - Our Candidate Lifecycle Management system automates away the big chunks of time related to scheduling and interviewing. In addition, our professional services give you the option to fully delegate candidate scheduling and phone screens to our team of experts if you want.

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