Yes, we can!

This can be done when you are filling out the calibration questionnaire when kicking off a job.

🎯 Add Target Companies During Job Kick Off

In the Calibration Questionnaire under the “Your Values” section, you’ll find a question asking for specific companies you would like to target. List any companies you’d like us to focus on, separated by commas - please note that company names are case sensitive.

💡 How will this impact my search calibration?

Dover’s algorithm will still target desirable candidates from any companies that fit the other metrics provided in your questionnaire (company size, etc). Including companies here will not limit your search, but will help Dover prioritize which candidates to reach out to with outbound outreach.

🎯 Edit Target Companies After Job Kick Off

Once the job is kicked off, you can adjust the targeted companies by contacting the Dover Support Team in Slack. Or, you can make changes yourself:

1️⃣Go to the Dover App

2️⃣ Select Settings for the job you'd like to adjust

3️⃣ Select Search Criteria from the left sidebar

4️⃣ Go to the Companies Filter and select companies from the Specific Companies dropdown. You also also add companies to exclude from Sourcing.

5️⃣ Click Save Search when you're finished making changes.

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