For all Dover supported interview stages, Dover will send approved candidates a next steps email explaining the next step in the process, assisting in booking an interview or connecting the candidate with a member of your team. See more details below.

If you would like to make any changes to your current interview plan or to the emails we send on your behalf, please reach out to your Customer Experience Partner.

Type of Emails Sent to Approved Candidates:

Scheduling Emails (with Dover Interviewers)

When sending a scheduling email for a Dover Interviewer phone screen, we let the candidate know they will be interviewing with someone from your team. In the email we include a scheduling link to find time with one of our Dover Interviewers.

Scheduling Emails (with Interviewers from your team)

If Dover is scheduling on your behalf, we will send a scheduling email letting the candidate know we are moving them to the next round, explaining who the next interview will be with, and including a scheduling link the candidate will use to book time on the interviewer's calendar.

If the candidate does suggest available times they would like to connect, our team will proactively schedule a time on the interviewer's calendar if the suggested time is available.

Looping in a Member of Your Team

If you do not use Dover Scheduling and prefer to coordinate scheduling on your end, we can instead send an email connecting the candidate to a member of your team to coordinate next steps.

Take Home Stages

For Take Home Stages, our team will work with you to create a custom email template giving candidate's instructions and/or restrictions of the take home assignment.

We can include a scheduling link to book a set up call with a member of your team to explain the take home assignment.

Onsite Stages

For onsite scheduling, inform the candidate we are advancing them to the onsite stage and give them the framework for the onsite including its duration. We ask the candidate to share some time slots in the coming days that would work for them, and our team will book an onsite based on your team’s availability.

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