Dover's candidate thread in Slack allows you to change interviewers very easily.

Are you using a Dover Interviewer?

Not a problem. You can change the interviewer to select yourself or another interviewer from your team from the dropdown.

Does this affect the interview plan for all candidates?

No. This will not impact the interview plan for your job. The changes you make happen for an individual candidate. If you wish to make a permanent change to the interview plan, please contact your Customer Experience partner.

How Can I Change the Interviewer in Slack?

Initial Call

  1. Before approving a candidate in Slack, use the dropdown menu at the bottom to select a different interviewer.

  2. You'll see a confirmation message in the candidate’s thread indicating who is the new interviewer.

After Initial Call

How Can I Change the Interviewer in the Dover App?

  1. Go to the Pipeline view in the Dover app

  2. In Client review, select the Candidate whose interviewer you'd like to change

  3. Click the pencil icon ✏️ to change the interviewer

  4. Select an interviewer from the dropdown menu

  5. Click Submit

What if I have already approved a candidate?

If the candidate has already been approved, please reply in the candidate thread in Slack and our our Support Team can make the change. Once we complete this update, you will see a similar message in the Slack thread confirming the changes.

What happens after a new interviewer is selected?

Dover will continue to manage this candidate's interview process. The candidate will be advanced to scheduling the next call with the new interviewer.

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