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When outreach is paused in Dover, Dover will stop sending outreach for the duration of the pause.

🚨Pausing a job does not notify active candidates in the pipeline. Dover recommends contacting candidates to keep them engaged in the interview process.

After Pausing, DoverBot will post in the Slack channel letting you know that Dover's Sourcing is currently paused.

This does not mean that Dover stops working! Even when a job is paused, we will:

  • continue to send scheduling reminders to candidates who have previously been approved

  • send thank you notes to candidates who have responded that they are not interested

  • send rejections to candidates who have been rejected

💡 Even though Dover is no longer engaging new candidates, you may still see interested candidates come though into Slack if they respond to historical outreach messaging. It is still your responsibility to review and action these candidates even though the job is paused.

How do I pause outreach in Dover?

ℹ️ A complete step-by-step guide on how to pause outeach can be found here.

To pause outreach:

1️⃣ In the Dover App, click on Settings for the job you’d like to pause

2️⃣ In the Overview section, click Pause Search and a popup will appear

3️⃣ Select a reason from the dropdown & when you'd like the job unpaused.

4️⃣ Click Pause Search and you're done! 🎉

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