Dover surfaces candidates interested in your open roles in Slack. You can review their information and then approve or reject them in Slack or directly in the Dover app.

Approvals and Rejections in Slack

Dover Bot will ask you to approve or reject interested candidates or to confirm next steps for a candidate after their scheduled interview time has passed.

☎️ Initial Call

  • For new inbound and outbound candidates, please use the Approve or Not Interested buttons. For inbound candidates, you can also click Ignore.

  • If an outbound candidate Dover has contacted is interested but also has questions about the role that Dover can’t proactively answer, we will ask you to Respond & Advance (approve) with a note containing your answer or click Not Interested (reject).

💡 If you select Respond & Advance but then choose Skip in the next step, this will cancel the candidate’s advancement and you will be prompted again to approve/reject.

  • To send a candidate a custom message, click ... and select "Customize next steps"

☎️ 2nd Stage Interviews

  • Once a candidate has completed their first interview with Dover, we will provide a link to the call notes so you can review them before deciding on next steps.

  • If someone on your team conducts the first interview, Dover will ask if you’d like to Advance the candidate to their second interview or Reject them.

☎️ Take-Home and Onsite Interviews

  • After a candidate completes their 2nd interview, Dover will ask you to Advance the candidate to the take-home or onsite stages or Reject.

    • Take-Home

    • Onsite

💡 By using the ellipsis (…) next to the “Advance” and “Reject” buttons, you can also let us know whether you’d prefer to handle communications with the candidate instead. You can also notify us if we need to send the candidate a rescheduling note.

Approvals and Rejections in the Dover App

You can also make decisions on candidates directly in the Dover app!

ℹ️ Want to learn more about the Candidates view seen in the Dover app?

When you click on a candidate’s name, their profile will show an action card at the top of the screen.

Initial Stage

  • For new inbound and outbound candidates, we’ll ask you to use the Advance or Reject buttons (You can also change the interviewer).

2nd Stage Interviews and beyond

If Dover is handling scheduling, you'll see a Needs Decision action card like the one shown above.

If you are handling scheduling, the Dover app will ask you to Select Next Steps (advance, reject, or reschedule) in-app, or you'll be instructed to coordinate directly with the candidate:

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