How Does Dover Send Emails?

Dover sends email outreach through Gmail's API.

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Dover sends email outreach directly through the Gmail API. Unlike many tools that use other forms of email sending (MailChimp, Zengrid, etc), Dover maintains the most effective and safest delivery system for getting outreach to your targeted candidates.

❓ How does Dover categorize email responses?

Dover will send up to two follow-up emails to garner candidate interest. All candidate responses are collected and filtered through a mixture of automation and manual sorting by our recruiting coordinator team.

Dover filters emails into the following larger categories:

1️⃣ Interested

2️⃣ Not Interested

3️⃣ Referrals

4️⃣ Bad Email (This tag is used for emails that are unsuccessful - which is normal! This may include Bounced emails, or a candidate’s work email)

5️⃣ Not Eligible (This tag is used for candidates who respond to our outreach with qualifications that aren’t supported in your job search such as a visa requirement, high compensation expectations, or location requirement)

Interested candidates are then sent to Slack for your Hiring Manager or Recruiter to review.

❓ What if the candidate is not interested in connecting right now?

Thanks ok! Dover always encourages folks to keep in touch and reach out when the timing is better for them. If someone returns as interested after previously not being open to a chance they will be surfaced in Slack like all other candidates.

❓ What about candidates who apply via an inbound source? How does Dover email them?

Great question! Candidates who apply via an inbound source (such as Linkedin, Indeed ,etc) and are Approved in Slack are sent an automatic scheduling note.

These notes are queued to go out by EOD the same day they’re approved in Slack.

ℹ️ Inbound candidates who are marked as “Not Interested” in Slack and those who do not pass the search criteria are not sent a rejection note by default.

💡 If you would like to configure additional email functionality for inbound applicants please reach out to our @DoverSupportTeam in Slack and we can help facilitate configuring the right email sequences for your needs!

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