✨ Use Dover's Job Board Manager to post on job boards and leverage Dover to filter through applicants to surface the best matches to you automatically.

πŸ”„ Enable Inbound Sources

Currently, Dover is able to manage applicants from the following sources:

  • Over 50 other job boards including LinkedIn, Wellfound, and Indeed

  • Lever / Greenhouse - candidates who apply directly through your ATS

  • Dover Careers Page - candidates who apply directly through your Dover-managed Career page

How to enable Job Boards:

1️⃣ Go to the Settings for the job

2️⃣ Go to the Overview tab and click Set Up on the Job Board Manager card.

3️⃣ Complete any additional setup items and follow the steps below to add job boards to Dover.

πŸ’Ό Job Board Management Overview

Dover handles all the behind-the-scenes recruiting work involved with these sources, including posting the job, reviewing resumes, and scheduling candidates if approved.

You can see all job board subscriptions that are currently active, currently being set up, in the process of being deactivated, and how long they have been active.

πŸ‘€ View your job board subscriptions

In the Dover App, navigate into your Job Settings and click on Job Boards see your Subscriptions. You can also see pricing, your current subscription, and you can toggle on auto-renew to keep your job board posted. Click the ✏️ icon to make changes.

How Dover manages your job board postings depends on your pricing plan. If you're on a contract with us, Dover can fully manage job postings on your behalf; for users on our Base plan, you will need to manage your own postings, but Dover can still integrate with your postings so your applicants surface in the Dover ATS.

If you're interested in upgrading so Dover can manage your job postings for you, click here to learn more about our contract plans!

βž• How to add a job board to Dover (contract customers)

To explore the wide variety of Dover-integrated job boards, navigate into your Job Settings in the Dover App and click on Job Boards. Then click into the Job Board Selector tab (or click +Find More Job Candidates from the Channel Setup tab). To add a job board, click Add Source and follow any setup steps necessary.

When adding a new source, you are authorizing Dover to spend the listed price on your behalf. In general, this amount covers 30 days of job postings, though details vary by job board. You will need to Set Up Payment Method through Stripe in order to use Dover to manage your inbound postings.

Some job boards (eg Wellfound fka AngelList and Y Combinator) require that you authenticate your credentials in order to sync them with Dover. To do so, please go to your Inbound Credentials page, click on the source, and follow the instructions to authenticate your job board's credentials.

βž• How to add a job board to Dover (Base users)

To leverage Dover's Job Board Manager, follow these steps:

1️⃣ Navigate to the Dover App and select βš™οΈ Settings

2️⃣ On the Overview page, click Set Up and complete any outstanding setup steps

3️⃣ Select the Job Boards tab on the left and toggle to the Job Board Selector

4️⃣ From here you can browse Dover's catalog of job boards. Click +Add and follow the instructions to copy the Dover link into your job posting. This will enable you to Dover to track applicants, including where they applied, and leverage Dover’s applicant filtering and reporting.

❓ What job boards does Dover support?

Dover currently supports 58 job boards and continues to add new job boards. If you don't see your favorite job board, please reach out to the Support team and request a custom integration!

πŸ“¬ Review applicants in Application Review

How to review applicants

You can review all applications from Dover-synced job boards by clicking Review Applications in the Candidates View in the Dover App.

You can then view and filter applicants for your roles in Dover. Applicants will be labeled Best Match, Close Match, or Mismatch based on your search criteria. You can also filter candidates by Years of Experience, job title, company, school, and other factors. You can even Advance them directly from the Application Review page.

Dover automatically sends up to 3 of the highest quality inbound candidates who applied within the past 45 days to the Slack channel every day. It also takes into account how recently the candidates applied β€” those who apply more recently will be prioritized over those who applied historically.

Dover applies more permissive criteria to inbound applications and automatically surfaces the best candidates. This will save you the time you typically spend sifting through applications and will enable you to quickly schedule the best candidates. Inbound applicants are actively interested & 2x as likely to convert to a hire than candidates from other channels.

  • Dover does not overwrite the source of a candidate. If you use Greenhouse and would like Dover to mark candidates who don't pass the criteria as rejected, let your Dover Support Team know, and we will reconfigure your settings accordingly.

  • If Dover is managing job postings outside of your ATS, applicants from those sources will be added to your ATS once they are approved in the Slack channel.

  • If candidates do not pass the criteria, they will remain in your ATS with the tag Dover Recommends Reject and will not be sent to Slack. You can review all applications in the Application Review in the Dover App

  • Inbound candidates sent to Slack for review will have headers that state: πŸ“¬ "New application: Candidate (Role)" and will indicate which source they applied through.

    • If you Approve the candidate, the candidate will automatically be sent a scheduling note and be moved in your ATS to initial call scheduling. Dover will also handle all rescheduling.

    • If you select Not Interested, Dover will not send rejection emails to those candidates. They will be marked as rejected in your ATS.

      • If you'd like to send rejection notes to inbound candidates, please let Customer Support know and we can adjust your settings for this role.

    • If you use Dover Interviewers, you'll be able to use the Dover Interviewer for all inbound candidates as well.

    • Dover only has access to the information provided by the applicant through the application link. Resumes, Linkedin profiles, and any additional materials are only available if the candidate included them when applying.

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