As a hiring manager or recruiter, you’ll likely leverage three primary channels to build your team: outbound, inbound, and referrals.

Dover's candidate evaluation and outreach technology helps you find folks you otherwise wouldn't (outbound), and our product makes it super easy to leverage your team's network (referrals).

Because roughly 40% of hires are made through inbound for many roles (i.e. through a job board posting or promotion on LinkedIn), it’s worth considering your strategy for attracting and managing inbound applicants.

Typically, much of this process is time-consuming and manual, spanning several tools and channels. Dover helps optimize the various processes involved and puts everything in one place. That way, you can focus on closing the best candidates that come to you.

Here's how we help:

Full coverage and speed

  • Posting on the correct job boards — Most hiring teams aren't sure exactly where to post their jobs. We know where top talent looks to find companies and forecast how many candidates you can expect from a source.

  • Intelligently managing spend — We help you set and manage budget for your postings like you might an ad campaign. And, we automatically disable job postings when not enough high quality, interested candidates are surfaced from a job board.

  • Optimizing your postings — We sweat the small stuff, like making sure your links are up-to-date and automatically refreshed so they can get in front of new candidates every month.

Improved candidate management

  • Candidate filtering — Rather than be inundated with tons of applications from applicants who are not a good fit, see only the best candidates in your review queue. And, if you’re curious, we make it easy for you to review every application you get, too.

  • Scheduling — Once you have an interested candidate, you have to work to keep them in your funnel. We've seen how candidates fare through Dover Inbound vs. a customer's internal process — Dover's scheduling capabilities reduce candidates dropping out of the interview process by 40%.

  • Late-stage management — Dover manages to reschedule for interested candidates, so you don't have to worry about a good candidate falling through the cracks at the later stages.

  • Bias reduction — Our technology allows you to approve/reject candidates based on their experience and fit for the role, and helps limit the extent to which bias plays a part.

Improved hiring manager experience

  • Set up and maintenance — Don’t worry about spinning up a bunch of accounts on job boards or setting up reminders to refresh your postings. Dover does all of the backend work for you.

  • Long-term funnel building — Leveraging inbound as a hiring channel enables hiring managers to allow for exceptional candidates to come through their pipelines, even if on a longer time horizon. While an outbound approach may do more to produce high-quality leads in your pipeline very quickly, using an "always-on" approach to inbound helps you give great talent the opportunity to let you know they're interested in joining you.

  • Easy review — You can easily review all your candidates in the Dover App or in Slack! You don't need to manage a bunch of tools, systems, and emails to figure out who is where in your process. Approve good candidates with the click of a button.

  • Phone screens — You can use Dover Interviewers for all of your approved inbound candidates, so you can rely on timely and consistent interviews and thorough notes.

For any questions related to managing inbound candidates, reach out to Dover Customer Support in the chat or in Slack!

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