What is Email Deliverability?

How Dover increases the likelihood of emails reaching recipients

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Email Deliverability is defined as an email landing in a recipient's main inbox and not in the spam folder.

Deliverability is the measure of individual's and application's ability to gauge the likelihood of their email sequences reaching their recipient's inboxes related to actual delivery–like ISPs, throttling, bounce rate, spam issues, and bulking.

How does Dover ensure optimal deliverability?

Dover has the following rate limits and precautions in place:

Dover uses the Gmail and Outlook APIs. This is the single biggest lever to improve deliverability. Unlike tools like SendGrid, Mailchimp, etc which use SMTP to directly send emails, Dover's emails go through Gmail and Outlook servers — just as if you were using any email client.

1️⃣ We aggressively rate-limit emails — while Gmail recommends mere seconds between emails, Dover actually spaces out emails by at least 2 minutes and does not send more than 20 emails per hour. Moreover, we have daily and weekly limits.

💡 If you have multiple jobs running, we will work with you to load-balance your email

outreach across different base accounts.

2️⃣ We personalize outreach and work with you to implement best practices — Dover's outreach personalization helps to make emails seem real and authentic.

3️⃣ Dover closely monitors bounce rate — We ensure that we always have up-to-date email data. We use best-in-class third-party services to get and validate emails and closely track any bounces, so you can rely on the data we've built across 100+ customers to get the best bounce rate data.

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