You can update the Role Specific Interview Questions directly in the Dover App!

How to Change Role Specific Dover Interviewer Questions:

  1. Go to the Dover App

  2. Select the Job ➑️ Settings

  3. Select Screener Questions

  4. Make changes to the Screener Questions

    1. To Remove a question, click the πŸ—‘οΈ icon

    2. To Add a question, select an option from the Add Question dropdown

    3. You can Add a Customized Question if you do not see an option from the dropdown

  5. Click Save and Approve

How to Change Standard Dover Interviewer Questions:

πŸ”’ Screener Questions that are locked cannot be edited in App. Please ping your Customer Experience Partner to make changes

If you wish to make adjustments to Dover Interviewer questions that are not role specific like logistical questions, please ping your Customer Experience partner in the Slack channel of the job you wish to make edits:

β€œHi @ Dover CX - Can we make updates to the Interviewer rubric for this job? I want to make the following changes: ...”

A member of the Dover Support Team will surface this request to your Customer Experience partner who will make those adjustments for you.

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