Access your Job Settings:

Go the Dover App & Click ⚙️ Settings next to the job

You will then be able to adjust your settings for this role:

Navigating the Settings Page:

1️⃣ Overview - enable Dover features for the role including Sourcing, Dover Interviewer, End to End Scheduling, Job Board Manager, and more!

2️⃣ Job Basics - view and edit your job info here including Job Title, Hiring Manager & Recruiter, Compensation, Work Location, and Visa Sponsorship.

3️⃣ Job Description - view and edit your job description or view a Dover-generated template to help you create a job description.

4️⃣ Job Boards - Dover can post on over 60 job boards on your behalf and you can manage your inbound candidates through Dover. Click +Add Source, select your budget, input your credit card info, and Dover will post for you!

5️⃣ Pitch - refine your job pitch to get candidates excited about your company and role!

6️⃣ Outreach - view and edit the outreach campaigns send to candidates. You can send multiple campaigns from different people at your organization!

7️⃣ Screener Questions - customize the questions that Dover Interviewers ask candidates during their phone screens.

8️⃣ Interview Plan - create a complete interview plan here including adding each interview stage, interviewers, scheduling & rejection emails. If you use Greenhouse, Lever, or Ashby, duplicate your exact interview process from your ATS and map it to Dover.

9️⃣ Search Criteria - tailor your search to target candidates based on your must have and nice-to-have requirements for the job.

When you're done making changes, click FINISH to save your changes!

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