The candidate is interested in a different job

If the candidate responds saying that they are:

  • interested in a different job (whether or not you are actively hiring for that job) or

  • too senior or junior for the role you’re considering them for,

we will surface their response in Slack, along with a button to Move to different job. Clicking this button will take you to our app.

What if I don’t want to move them to a different job?

If you believe that the candidate should be considered for the same job, you can click the Approve for this job button. If you’re doing this, we highly encourage providing us with some text to send the candidate because there’s a chance of candidate dropoff otherwise.


Candidate: “I’m looking for a more senior role”

Response: “Actually, though this role is not called Senior it has a senior level title & comp, and there are opportunities to grow into leadership in the near-term”

What if I don't want candidates who are not interested in my job?

By default, Dover sends candidates who are considered “passively interested” since they have expressed interest in getting on a call and you might be able to pitch this role or keep in touch with them for future roles.

To adjust your settings to only send your team candidates who indicate that they are actively interested, please go to the Dover App ➡️ Job ➡️ Settings ➡️ Overview. On Sourcing, click ✏️ next to "Passive candidates" and toggle off.

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