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✨ Dover sends outreach and scheduling emails to candidates on your team's behalf. We do this by creating a custom domain for your company. Dover emails will be sent from a custom domain that is similar to your email address (eg. [email protected] ➡️ [email protected]). ✨

❓ What is a Custom Domain?

To facilitate outreach at scale, Dover creates and hosts a Custom Domain for your company. This allows us to create the necessary email accounts without involvement from your organization.

For example, Dover’s domain is, and we send outreach from a custom domain:

Dover conservatively rate-limits email sending to ensure that outreach lands in candidates’ primary inboxes. Without a custom domain, we’re required to request these email accounts from your organization. Custom Domains allow us to reduce both your administrative overhead and costs.

❓ Can I specify what I’d like my custom domain to be?

Domain availability and cost vary widely depending on your organization's name. We often try to purchase or domains. If you’re curious about different possibilities, feel free to reach out to Support at [email protected] and we can share options.

❓ How does Dover set up Custom Domains?

  • Dover currently uses a popular DNS registrar called NameCheap to purchase and host domains

  • After the domain is purchased, we add and verify the domain via DNS in a Google Workspace account

  • Once verified, we authenticate the domain by adding SPF/DKIM records

  • Once authenticated, we create email accounts via Google Workspace for the given domain

❓ How much does a Custom Domain cost?

Dover purchases the domain and covers all related costs. Your organization will not be responsible for covering any costs for the domain or email seats in Google Workspace. This saves you approximately $20 per email account per month.

❓ Are there downsides to using a Custom Domain?

Dover has done extensive testing on the effectiveness of candidate outreach from Custom Domains. We have found no evidence to believe that candidates respond differently to outreach from Custom Domains, and in many cases have found increases in open, response, and interest rates. Deliverability is often higher due to the fact that we can load-balance outreach across more email accounts.

Additionally, we have not found that specific wording or top-level domains (TLDs such as .careers or .io) perform better than others.

❓ Who has access to the domain?

Dover uses NameCheap to host the domains and only our full-time Customer Experience & Dover Support teams have access to the account via credentials stored in the secure password manager, 1Password. Likewise, only our Dover Support team has access to the Google Workspace account where the emails are hosted.

Dover is also in the process of getting SOC2 certified.

❓ Can I purchase the domain on my end?

Yes. If your organization is interested in owning the domain, please reach out to Support to set up a 15-minute call with your IT contact to authenticate the domain via DNS, as well as set up SPF/DKIM.

❓ What happens if I stop using Dover?

  • Dover will maintain hosting of the domain for 30 days to ensure that any remaining candidate communication is not lost

  • After 30 days, if desired, we are able to transfer over ownership of the domain to your organization by following NameCheap’s Transfer process

  • After transfer is complete, you will be able to re-verify and re-authenticate the domain as needed

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